To explore how this idea of cutting through stereotypes together translates into the daily life of women, we had candid conversations with some BMM customers about their journeys. Mrs. Edward, a long-standing customer of BMM, shared some delightful anecdotes about how her husband likes to help out around the house.

Let’s take a look at what Mrs. Edward, a patron of BMM has to say:

My husband can manage well with recipes like Chicken Masala, and he would keep asking me for the ingredients from time to time. We really like the Bmm meat for preparing these dishes, especially him, since it’s so clean and neat. But he doesn’t like anyone in the kitchen when he is cooking! He says, I’ll do it myself!
He’s getting old, he’s 76, but he always helps around. He has a unique way of cooking, you know!

Similarly, Mrs. Elakkiya also had some instances she shared with us:

My husband once prepared a recipe out of minced chicken. It was a spicy gravy for rice, and came out very well. I personally love trying out different kinds of meat products at BMM. I have tried everything – fish, chicken, mutton, and even the marinades!


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