Don’t Let Covid-19 Prevent you from Enjoying Grilling Season!

The days are finally getting longer and warmer which means you’re likely looking at the grill stored in the far corner of your garage and thinking that there it’s almost time to break it out and start grilling. There’s just one problem, Covid-19. Right now, it has the entire country in its clutches. Many states have issued shelter-in-place orders and it’s difficult to say when life will return to normal. The lack of a clearly defined ending might have you wondering if you’ll even be able to get the grill out this year.

The answer is yes, you will be able to grill, though things might be a little different than they have been during past grilling seasons. Here our covid-19 grilling tips.

Enjoy Your Own Backyard

In the past, you probably tossed your grill into the back of your truck and took it to the beach or a local state park where you paired grilling with hiking/picnicking/fishing adventures. These outdoor, away from home, adventures won’t be possible until Covid-19 is under control.

Instead of heading to your favorite campground with your grill, use the coronavirus pandemic to reacquaint yourself with your backyard. Set your grill up in your driveway or on your deck and enjoy your favourite grilled treats at home. This allows you to enjoy all the joy connected to grilling while allowing you to save the money you would have spent on gas and campground fees.

Plan Ahead

Prior to learning about Covid-19 you probably didn’t think twice about running to the grocery store and picking up the supplies you needed. You probably didn’t even think about what you wanted to grill, you simply grabbed whatever looked good. Those carefree days are over, at least for the foreseeable future. Going to the grocery store is fraught with worry, and even if you’re willing to take the chance, there’s no guarantee that they’ll have what you’re looking for.

Instead of putting yourself at risk and potentially having to cancel your date with your grill because you couldn’t find anything grillable. Decide what you want and place an order with Meat the Butchers. The high-quality meat is packed full of the taste you crave, grills up perfectly, and will be delivered right to your door. It’s the perfect way to get the grilling meat you crave without putting your health at risk.

Practice Good Social-Distancing

Aside from the great tasting food, one of the best things about grilling a meal is using the opportunity to hang out with friends and family. The sad truth is that while Covid-19 holds the nation hostage, you’re going to have to practice social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still share your meal with your favorite people. You just must think outside the box. Some ideas to stay safe and healthy but also turn grilling night into a social event include:

• Arranging for the entire neighborhood to grill on the same night, you can yell and share recipes and jokes from a safe distance
• Skype, Live Chat, and call the people you normally socialize with while grilling
• Share your grilling accomplishments on your favorite social media platforms

What item are you most looking forward to grilling this summer?

Contact Meat the Butchers to learn more about how they can set you up with high-quality, great-tasting meat this summer!

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